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If you have a facebook account, like us to get information and to interact with us a bit more directly.

SADA Users Group

UT currently moderates a Sada User Group on Yahoo Groups. This user group is a nice way for SADA users to post questions and answers. You can also get updates from time to time about classes, updates, bugs etc. Members of the SADA development team are included in the group and often answer questions themselves. UT DOES NOT use this site as a means for hassling folks and we do not send daily emails.

The group is ultimately open to anyone, however the moderator does first try to screen new users and either approve or deny admission. Once you join if you are not satisfied with the activity in the group you can easily delete yourself from the group anytime.

To join the group enter your email address in the box below and press the Yahoo button. You will leave the SADA website and Yahoo will finish the rest of the steps.

Please enter your email address here
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