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SADA Version 5 User Guide and Example Files

Be sure to download the data files in the .zip file. The user guide will refer to them. Enjoy!

V5 User guide files -zipped
V5 User Guide

Past Versions

A list of sites, uses, and documents use or refer to SADA:

Wiley InterScience - cookie error
Innovative Technology Advocate, USACE - Triad Mechanics
US Army Corps of Engineers - Elements of Successful Project Planning Initiatives

Navy Guidance for Conducting Ecological Risk Assessments
Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution

RESRAD Connection for Facilitating MARSSIM Analysis
Oak Ridge Associated Universities - listed SADA as one of industry’s most useful resources
Brookhaven National Laboratory evaluation of SADA
The Life Cycle Analysis Toolbox - U.S. Department of Energy
Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Human Health Assessment

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment with SADA
Superfund Risk Assessment: Ecological: Risk Characterization
The Brownfields and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center
Using the Triad Approach to Streamline Brownfields Site Assessment and Cleanup
FIELDS Group - Data Analysis
2009 Guide for Development of Sample Collection Plans for Radiochemical Analytes in Environmental Matrices Following Homeland Security Events
Managing Site Heterogeneity with Triad Sampling Programs
International Conference and Training - Triad Investigations - New Approaches and Innovative Strategies
Management and Interpretation of Data Under a Triad Approach
Resources for Strategic Site Investigation and Monitoring I
Experiences and Case Studies Analysis on Risk
NAS Lemoore - Site 14 Triad Investigation
Contaminated Site Clean-Up Information
Case Study: Use of a Decision Support Tool
Contaminated Site Clean-Up Information - Characterization and Monitoring
The Environmental Technology Verification Program - Joint Verification Statement
Resources for Strategic Site Investigation and Monitoring II
Case Study for the Use of a Decision Support Tool
Contaminated Site Clean-Up Information - In the Spotlight
Science Inventory - Publications
Download FIELDS
EPA Superfund Decision Support Software
EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program
EPA Technology Innovation Office: Site Characterization
EPA CLU-IN: Site Characterization and Monitoring
EPA CLU-IN: Statistics Sampling Design
EPA Field Analytic Technologies Encyclopedia: Sampling

Federal Round Table
Development of a Screening Matrix
Decision Support Tools Matrix Status Update

Geospatial Analysis for Optimization at Environmental Sites
The Triad Approach
Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sites in New Zealand - Document Resources
The Michigan Environmental Professional

EUGRIS - Portal for Soil and Water Management in Europe
National Center for Biotechnology Information - A multi-stage sampling strategy for the delineation of soil pollution in a contaminated brownfield.
12th SRA Europe Annual Meeting, Berlin
Quantitative Risk Assessment - Session: Fate and Behavior Data Acquisition
EUGRIS - Site Investigation: Conceptual Site Model
Building Enviromental Assessment Consensus - A Sourcebook on Strategic Environmental Assessment of Transport Infrastructure Plans and Programmes

Manolessou - Human Health Risk Assessment and Management
TRAINEX - Use of SADA for Risk Assessment
WS2: Online Tools for Risk-based Decisionmaking.
Hopland GIS LAB - University GIS Resources
UCSC GIS: Technology Lab - GIS Related Links
Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation Research Centre

Environmental News and Information
Risk World - Risk Related Software
Phil Rutherford - Radiation Software
Cost Benefit Analysis Models and Use of Artifical Intelligence for Public Policies
Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sites in New Zealand - Description of Models
O-NET Online - Analytical/Scientific Software
Risk Assessment Information System
Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Software Directory
Choices World GIS
ERA for Contaminanted Sites, NZ
TenLinks Ultimate GIS Directory
RiskWorld Environmental Valuation and Cost Benefit
Cost Benefit Analysis Models and Use of Artificial Intelligence for Public Policies
ORNL Chemical & Analytical Sciences Division
Risk Assessment at ORNL
ORNL Toxicology and Risk Analysis Section
GISVet Spatial Software
Pacific Northwest Lab DQO Site
University of Kassel, Germany- Register of Ecological Models
UT- Office of research and Technology
UT- Research Good News
NATO/CCMS Pilot Study- Evaluation of Demonstrated and Emerging Technologies New Remediation Technologies

Centre d'Enseignement et de Recherche Eau Ville Environnement (CEREVE) in France
Staehlin, B. (2013). Local Index of Spatial Association Optimization for Secondary Sample Designs in Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance. Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago. Master of Science.

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